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Values and commitments of Salvia Nutrition

Natural products

Nature is an infinite source of benefits. To preserve the plant’s intrinsic qualities, we use total-plant extract and essential oils that are pure, undiluted, unmodified and labelled organic by the most demanding certification schemes. Rigorously selected and recognised for their exceptional properties, our raw materials are noble, rare and valuable. Your health deserves the best, so our strong, concentrated formulas guarantee both integrity and performance.

Unique formulas

With more than 35 years of experience in aromatherapy, Salvia has developed effective and exclusive formulas based on tradition and a large number of scientific works. We choose the best extraction and production methods in order to preserve the natural active-ingredient concentrates, drawn from deep within plants. Our know-how and high standards allow us to develop precise, balanced formulas that reveal the plants’ optimum benefits. Strict controls mean our products offer optimum performance.

Nobles ingrédients

Each ingredient is selected for his unbeatable benefits. We exclusively sort essential oils, vegetable oils and plants their exceptional qualities, unique properties and scientific relevance. Because we choose the best extraction methods, our total-plant and other plant extracts provide essential nutrients while maintaining the virtues of each plant intact

A Sustainable approach

Every day, we implement an approach that is sustainable and environmentally friendly. All our formulas are natural, GMO free, additive free and colourant free. Our packaging is recyclable and does not contain bisphenol A or phthalates. In an effort to reduce necessary waste and optimise transportation of our packages, we aim to ensure that the size of the package is appropriate for each order. We favour short supply circuits, which is why we work mostly with local partners and, if it’s possible in a renewable way.

Simple, practical packaging

Salvia was a pioneer in the encapsulation of essential oils, a unique process. We use organic marine gelatine as the casing for our formulas, guaranteeing that the capsules are pure, safe and healthy. For the Vegan certified products, the shell is made with vegetal gelatine.