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Values and commitments of Salvia Nutrition

Synergies experienced over 35 years

At the heart of essential oils, Salvia has composed and optimized its formulas, year after year, by crossing the properties of essential oils and energy profiles. A synergy of essential oils must be subtly dosed, with a rigorous selection of the best chemotypes. Our goal is to offer you formulas that are 100% safe for your health.

Rare and noble ingredients

The design of the formulas and the choice of plants do not accept any compromise: the selected ingredients must correspond to the required varieties, be organic, local if possible, and renewable. Their culture must not degrade the environment. That is why we do not use Krill or omega 3 from the marine world, because their fishing endangers an already fragile ecosystem. Our mission is to choose the best in the plant world. All our vegetable and essential oils are selected for their incomparable virtues and for their unique properties. Salvia offers the widest range of capsules in organic complex aromatherapy.

Respect for plant integrity

Nature has given us exceptional aromatic plants. When they are denatured, diluted or modified, their balance is disturbed. Their power lies in a set of components that act in synergy. From saffron to rosehip to perilla, Salvia also offers you the best berries or anti-oxidant plants of the moment.

Bio our priority

To take care of your health, we select organic ingredients far beyond the requirements of the labels. Salvia proposes a global approach, both ecological, local and equitable. A food supplement must first of all be free of GMOs or chemical inputs, and guaranteed without nanomaterials.

Perilla, the basis of our synergies

As the basis of our aromatherapy formulas, we have chosen the vegetable oil of perilla for its exceptional properties and its natural richness in omega 3: a vegetable source, organic, healthy and ecological.

Selection of the best extraction methods

We have always been careful to choose the best extraction methods, to preserve the natural benefits of the active ingredients we use: cryocrushing for plant powders, water vapour distillation for essential oils, or cold pressure for citrus and vegetable oils. The process of encapsulation of the synergies of essential oils also offers a perfect conservation, comfort but also a safety of grip.