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Our company Salvia Nutrition

Our history

A small business located in the Vendée, Salvia is a family adventure launched by Luc Grossin, an aromatherapist and naturopath. The tradition continues under the leadership of Luc's son, Paul Grossin.


Luc Grossin was passionate about the power and the energy of plants, and after years of experience and observation in the field and working with his patients, he developed pure, effective and exclusive formulas based on tradition and on a large number of scientific works.


Today, Salvia offers organic nutritional supplements and treatments made from essential oils, plant oils and plants.

Who is Luc Grossin, founder of Salvia?

Luc Grossin has always been interested in natural therapies. First trained in radiesthesia and then a pioneer of the Kirlian effect in France (two methods of energy investigation), he researched alternative methods of diagnosis and treatment: plants and the energy of the human body. He naturally turned to essential oils when he met with Franchôme in the 1980s. Thanks to his consulting firm in Paris, Luc Grossin developed and tested formulas in the field with his many patients. In 1988, he decided to produce some famous, recurring formulas himself by creating his own laboratory: this was the birth of Salvia.

Nature, an infinite source of benefits

The selection, processing and optimal blending of plants and essential oils require experience and know-how. Our philosophy: preserving the purity and intrinsic properties of plants. Essential oils are always more effective when blended, in their original form. Our objective: to not denature the best they have to offer. These active ingredients are fragile: their blending and formulation require years of experience. Salvia was also a pioneer in the encapsulation of essential oils; this process ensures that doses are carefully monitored and that the oils are perfectly preserved and more convenient to use. All our formulas are pure, concentrated and organic, guaranteeing their integrity and efficacy. We carefully select our ingredients based on their qualities, properties and scientific relevance. To meet our high standards, some of our plants and essential oils are rare and precious and are used for their exceptional properties.