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Salvia Nutrition

Muscle & Joint programme: 3 products

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A comprehensive programme of 3 blends of organic essential oils traditionally known to relieve sore or stiff muscles and joints.

- A nutritional supplement

- Two external treatments  

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Dol'aroma capsules to provide relief from within: a blend of highly effective soothing and repairing essential oils.

Dol'aroma friction for instant well-being: a rub with essential oils to quickly relieve localised pain and contractures. 

Dol'aroma massage  to relax: a massage oil with relaxing essential oils to relieve pain caused by exertion or age. 



Nutritional composition  per 6 capsules (3000mg), maximum daily dose

Plant oil : Organic perilla 2700mg

Essential oils: Organic saro: 120mg, Organic kaffir lime: 45 mg,  Organic laurel: 45mg, Organic turmeric: 30 mg, Organic juniper berry: 30 mg, Organic yarrow: 15mg, Organic rosemary: 15mg  


Dol'aroma friction

- Essential oils: Organic wintergreen, Organic kaffir lime, Organic helichrysm bacteiferum, Organic juniper berries, Organic bay leaf, Organic common yarrow, Organic perilla, Lary

- Organic alcohol 


Dol'aroma massage 

Plant oil: Organic calophyllum

Essential oils: Organic lemon eucalyptus, Organic wintergreen, Organic lavandin, Organic rosemary camphor, Organic helichrysum bracteiferum, Organic thyme borneol 

Instructions for use

Dol'aroma :

Maintenance program: 2 capsules per day before meals

Attack program 6 capsules: per day before meals 

Dol'aroma friction : Rub into the skin 2 or 3 times a day.

Dol'aroma massage :  Apply by gently massaging 2 to 3 times a day

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